HR Recruitment

IBSI on a strong Process driven Recruitment Methodology to understand the client’s need and finding the right candidate.

  • Understanding Client and client requirements
  • Client Specific Strategic Team plan
  • Candidate Mapping
  • Candidate Selection and Shortlist
  • Client Interview
  • Client final Shortlist/Feedback
  • Post Recruitment Client-Candidate Coordination
  • Staffing Services

    The terms of contract staffing states that professionals/consultant will be on IBSI rolls but working for the client’s project at their working sites. For clients looking to enhance their IT resource pool without enquiring extra operational and administrative costs while mitigating risk of bad hire, IBSI module will be the tailor-made solution.

    The professionals hired via contract staffing will abide by the rules and regulations of the hiring company.

    Benefits of Staffing Services:

  • Reduced operational cost and increased ROI.
  • Quick response.
  • Expertised human resource for specific and time bound jobs.
  • Less administrative responsibilities.
  • Attrition rate factor will be minimum.
  • Increase the resource mobilization for other core areas of business.
  • Reduce the risks arises from statutory compliance issues.
  • Payroll Outsourcing

    Facility Management Services & Security Services payroll Management services:

    Monthly salaries including reimbursements:IBSI Outsourcing processes salary, reimbursements and deductions for employees and gives you the final pay slip figure.

    Withholding taxes: TDS and other statutory deductions are computed while processing monthly pay

    Closure of full and final settlement for leaving employees: IBSI Outsourcing prepares final settlement statements including tax computation and statutory deduction. We also ensure deactivation of employee accounts.

    Bank Advice Statement: IBSI Outsourcing prepares bank advice statements on monthly basis.

    Customized reports: These include Monthly and Annual Payroll Reports and Monthly and Annual CTC reports.

    Statutory compliance

  • Timely remittance & filing management under Statutory Activity (PF, ESI, LWF, PT etc).
  • Statutory Compliance Audit.
  • Management of Compliance activities, labour laws, Statutory & Compliance Audit, Liasioning.
  • Preparation and Remittance of Taxes as per the respective local statutory norms.
  • Issuance of Form 16s, filing of periodical forms with the Government etc…in an absolutely seamless manner.
  • We maintains complete statutory compliance related to payroll including those related to Income tax filings including e-TDS returns, etc...
  • Labour and contract licensing, Returns, inspections, Auditing.
  • New Factory Registrations i.e. Licensing, Returns, Inspections, Auditing and Compliances.
  • ESIC Registrations i.e. Returns, Inspections, Auditing and Compliances.
  • EPF registrations i.e. Returns, Auditing, Compliances and Inspections.
  • Service Tax registration & returns, followed as per central board.